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Opening Night at the A&D Building

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Opening Night at the Architects & Designers Building

Opening Night at the Architects & Designers Building: GE Monogram Design Center

NEW YORK — Opening Night at the Architects & Designers Building drew a sizable crowd Monday night despite less-than-ideal weather.

There was far too much amazing food throughout the event for me to attempt to take photographs of all the amazing showrooms in the A&D Building, although I did provide a few updates throughout the night via Twitter.

One of my favorite appetizers, meatballs with Parmesan cheese, was provided by miaDona, a restaurant on E. 58th Street I can’t wait to try out.

The Miele showroom sported an in-wall espresso maker that looked like something out of “Star Trek.” The one I saw wasn’t plugged in, so I can’t vouch for how well it might work.

Bilotta Kitchens of NY hired a chef to provide a fantastic polenta with a tomato sauce and (I think) asiago cheese. The line snaked around the showroom until the food ran out (and almost sparked an altercation among the hungry guests).

I was floored (no pun intended, actually) by the reclaimed antique hardwood floors at Exquisite Surfaces, some of which were imported from France and perhaps a century old.

Incidentally, Exquisite Surfaces also installed the flooring at the phenomenal GE Monogram Design Center, according to the manager. The live kitchen was staffed by the excellent Chef Tageré Southwell, who created masterpieces the entire night.

This is where I finished out the evening, posting a picture of the amazing etched doors of one of the Monogram refrigerators depicting the Empire State Building.

Quite covetable.

Finally empty-handed, I pulled out my camera and took a couple of photographs to commemorate the evening: Above, there’s an induction cooktop (these things are amazing) and a gas cooktop set in a custom recycled-glass counter. Below, is the brand-new over-the-rang Advantium speed-cooking over (just installed).

There are settings on this for just about anything you might think to make.

It would likely make me want to cook on a regular basis.

The new Advantium over-the-range oven at GE Monogram Design Center

The new Advantium over-the-range speed-cooking oven at GE Monogram Design Center


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