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Brooklyn’s Allure: The Possibility Of $625 Rent In NYC

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NYC Apartment Agent - A View of Manhattan From Brooklyn (Photo by Bruno J. Navarro)

NYC Apartment Agent – A View of Manhattan From Brooklyn   (Photo by Bruno J. Navarro)

NEW YORK — As rents climb in Manhattan to all-time highs and the costs of Brooklyn apartments are also on the rise, one woman manages to keep her payment around $600 per month.

Sophia Cosmadopoulos, an art therapist, was featured in The New York Times for her ability to keep her rent affordable, embarking on an ever-elusive quest throughout the great New York City county of Kings, better known to the world as Brooklyn.

“They’re not glossy, and they’re kind of falling apart,” she told the Times. “But I’ve always valued what I could get out of New York, more than where I lived.”

After recounting a surprise that followed the partial collapse of the bathroom ceiling in her current apartment, Cosmadopoulos took a positive spin on her situation.

“It’s nice to live in an apartment where you have stories,” she said.

A little optimism is a great thing, maybe more so if you’re a New Yorker.



Written by Bruno

2012.05.01 at 16:13

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  1. There really is no place like New York! Nice post.


    2012.05.01 at 18:53

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